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Teeth Whitening

White teeth go a long way in enhancing your smile and making your smile radiant.

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Healthy white teeth go a long way in enhancing your smile and making your smile radiant. Our teeth whitening services help you achieve this. Our dentists will remove all types of discolouration from your teeth. Stains or discolourations that are caused by age, food, carbonated drinks, oral hygiene, caffeine, trauma or smoking. Our teeth whitening treatments are long-lasting and safe, without any damage to your teeth, gums or mouth.

Your dentist will undertake a quick assessment to ensure that your teeth and gums are in a healthy state to undergo a teeth whitening treatment. We offer multiple whitening options, ranging from in-practice whitening using Zoom technology to take-home whitening kits. Your dentist will take you through the entire treatment plan and also discuss the care that you need to take after treatment. Our patients have seen great, long-lasting results using our teeth whitening plans.


  • Usually 1 to 2 appointments
  • At the first consultation visit, the dentist will check if teeth whitening is suitable for you. If it is suitable the whitening may be done at the same appointment
  • If you’re getting a take-home whitening kit you will be fitted with a custom-made tray
How long it takes
  • The teeth whitening consultation will usually take around 10 to 15 minutes
  • Treatment will usually only take around 45 to 90 minutes
Before your appointment
  • No special preparation needed
After your appointment
  • You can usually carry on as normal


What is Teeth Whitening?
Is Teeth Whitening for me?


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