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Pain-free experience when our dentists treat them.

Many of our patients are keen to have a pain-free experience when our dentists treat them. To help you be at ease and be pain-free, we offer sedation services. This involves the use of anaesthesia to keep you in a calm and resting state but still remain conscious of the treatment that is being rendered by your dentist.

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If you have sensitive gums or any other problem areas, please mention this to your dentist and they will provide you a solution to keep your comfortable at all times during your dental appointment. We have different types of sedation that we use, depending on what the situation calls for, as well as your comfort and preference.


  • 1 single appointment
How long it takes
  • Oral sedation can take up to 1 hour to begin working
  • Inhalation sedation usually takes a few minutes to start working
  • IV sedation usually takes a few minutes or less to start working
Before your appointment
  • You will be given specific instructions to follow depending upon the type of sedation. It is important that these instructions are followed for your safety
After your appointment
  • Inhalation sedation will usually wear off quickly with minimal after effects
  • With oral or IV sedation you will likely feel a bit drowsy after your appointment, but you will usually have little memory of the treatment
  • For oral or IV sedation you will need to have someone take you home after the appointment
  • You will not be able to drive or operate machinery for at least 12 hours after oral or IV sedation


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